Genbody Influenza/Covid -19 Ag Multi

Genbody influenza/ Covid -19 Ag multi

Genbody Influenza / Covid-19 Ag multi , a rapid antigen diagnostic test kit for Covid-19 and influenza,in the global market.The kit can simultaneously check for covid -19 and influenza infection in just is minutes,and it is cheap and easy to use in the field without additional medical equipment.our multi-diagnosis kit can quickly distinguish the two di seases, which are semilar resmilar respiratory symptoms with a high trans misision rate.

For Covid -19 Ag
-Analytical sensitivity / cross-reactivity
-Detection limit(LOD) : 2,87 X 103 TCID 50/ml
-Cross -reactivity : there was cross-reactivity of sars-covid
not intervered for whole blood,mouth wash, phenylephrine,acetylsalicylic acid,beclomethasone,benzo caine,flunisolide,gualacol ghyceryl ether,and ete
-Prozone effect (hook effect)
no prozone effect at 1,15 x 107 TCID 50/ml or at 1.000 ug/ml
of nucl eoprotein of sars – cov 2.
-Clinical study
under the strict IRB regulation, we collected total 130 patients sample S who were confirmed to be covid-19 positive(30 samples) and its negative (100 samples)
-The overall diagnostie performance of the kit
-Sensitivity : 90,0% Specificity : 98,0% Accuracy : 94,0%

For Influenza A/B Ag
-Analitycal sensitivity / cross- reactivity
-Detection limit (LOD) : 2,87 X 103 TCID 50/ml (heat-inactivated SARS-COV-2 Culture Tluid)
-Cross-reactivity : there was no cross – reactivity with SARS COV-1 ,SARS- COV-2, Human adenovinis type 1,human adeonvirus type 2 and etc
-Prozone effect (hook effect)
no prozone effect at 2.0 x 104 HA/ml for influenza A and at 4,1×104 HA/ml for influenza B.
-Clinical study
unde the strict IRB regulation,we collected total 261 patient’s samples who were confirmed to be influenza A positive (53 samples),influenza B Positive (62 samples) and its negative (146 samples).
-The overall diagnostic performance of the kit
-Sensifity = 100% for influenza A and 98,4% for influenza B
-Specificity= 96,2 % for influenza A and 94,8% for Influenza B


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